The Organic Food and Your Health

The organic food and your health. “You are what you eat”, a few sentences are as true as that! Their food directly reflects on their health and quality of life, so the better the quality of the food you eat will feel better about yourself. It is for this reason that organic products are always more suitable than others. Finding it hard to find them or very inaccessible price? So you can rest assured: you can have your organic garden at home!

Organic Food

Imagine always have freshly baked vegetables without fertilizers or preservatives ready to be inserted into the menu? This is possible and costs very little, just a willingness to make your own organic garden.

What does it take?

• A good place

Choose an area of ​​your home that is easily accessible, oriented to the north, to make better use of sunlight and which is also easy to take water. The ideal location for the garden should have a good exposure to the sun and be protected from domestic animals.

• Evaluate the climate and soil

How is the climate of the area where you live? Look for vegetables that can easily adapt to it and it will be easier to grow them. At each station, you can change the cultures according to temperature and rainfall. The soil should also be well evaluated: its texture, the nutrients available to the plants, the living organisms present in it.

• Choose species

When buying seeds or seedlings, talk to the person the florist to know what are the characteristics of each species and what the necessary care.

Even those who live in an apartment or small house with no yard can have their organic garden! It is very easy: choose a pot that has holes and fill a third of it with gravel dust. Then add a two-part composition of the land, an organic compound and a humus to the edge of the vessel. You can spread a little up by sand and plant the seedlings.

Ensure that the vessel is sufficiently exposed to the sun, drizzle in accordance with the chosen species and have freshly baked food!


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