The Companion Wife

I have a friend with whom I feel pretty good, is a sort of private confidant, very talk to him on various subjects, lately we have talked a few times about family, he tells me much of his life in general, more often, their marital status , married for many years, more than two decades, three children, grandchildren, but I feel it lacks something, although try to pass me the impression that all is well, the last time we talked teased purpose an issue whose theme is difficult to be discussed by the complexity of the definition of the term point of view.


“HAPPINESS” I asked my friend if he was happy, he paused, looked at me pulled away again, he raised his head as if looking at the infinite, looked back at me, lowered his head, sat up and asked me, what do you mean? I repeated the question, are you happy? He said I am, I have family, children, home, car for getting me to where you want, when many have jobs that need not have, I have grandchildren (beautiful), I’m healthy right now, friends, what more do I need? I agree with your answer is true, but one thing made me realize he did not mention his wife, and asked his wife? All right? He looked at me look changed direction again and asked, how so?

Then repeated the question, okay? He said, this is a subject that does not like to talk, I have no wife, the woman with whom I live are married for more than two decades is the mother of my children, I are civil and religious marriage, have a lot of respect for her more was unable convince her to be my wife, maybe the error is on me, do not know, the truth is that the only thing missing me to be happy if it exists it (happiness) is a companion wife, confidant, accomplice who loves me and let me love her. On this matter, even have bothered a bit to God for a companion wife and lover, but I have not yet met, but do not complain, after all, God has given me everything I asked even today, even me thinking unworthy of so much goodness of God. He has things he gave me three times, the first time I lost, and I asked God to give me the second time I lost, I asked again and God gave me the third time, so I think I can even say I’m happy.

But then I made one more question to my friend, that is what you want to separate you from your wife to marry another who possesses these characteristics? Then he gave me an answer I could understand it, he told me no, the woman with these characteristics, it must be that I am now married to her and who is the mother of my children, God could not have given a better mother it for my children, meanwhile I will live the anguish of not having such a companion.


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