Street Style. So you wear that top!

See you to your surprise in the middle of winter small tops – in leather or lace – hanging in the fashion collections, now that you’re wearing not covered but your clothes. It’s a new trend that especially in IT girls and fashionistas suits your taste.

Fashion style
Small leather tip so about a T-shirt, sweater, or, better still, a white blouse. This trend is a little in the line of ‘lingerie, dresses “that we currently see much. Inner Wear is outerwear.

The tops that you have left lying in your closet and large enough or stretch it, get this a new dimension. Experiment with it as toppings. Wear them to shore and label. A sweater or blouse, but also a dress who just may have more.

A classic outfit gets a modern twist with such a trip. Without the tip in these pictures the outfit would be nothing more than a black trouser with a white blouse that can happen a bit like a waitress. With the tip is this combination suddenly great hip and cool!


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