Social Media Can Make Us Stupid

We pick up more and more of our news online – and studies show that the majority of news coverage is now on Facebook !!! I think, scary…

It is not because I generally do not mind Google and Facebook, and the responsibility is very much our own. But we should be much more aware of the search engines and the social media serves a stream of news for us, based on our previous online behavior and our fields of interest.


We are fed more and more of the same and is repeatedly basically just presented to the subjects and the opinions and considerations we already know.

Renewable could also exactly read in a large study of our behavior on Facebook, that social media does not promote the open and inquisitive curiosity, but rather makes us more stupid, prejudiced and stiff-necked.

When browsing in a newspaper or read it online, you encounter many different articles, topics and views and you may be tempted to read about things that you do not would have searched for. To expand your horizons!

This brings me to this recommendation to join the Christian Dagblad newsletter. It will certainly be able to give you something new and thoughtful, ethics, culture, psychology and existence.

Moreover, you can also win a weekend break, if you sign up, but the important thing will be to break the media habit and give yourself some really interesting and human clever articles.


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