So Healthy Is Sleeping In Your Birth Pack (With at Most A Few Drops of Perfume)

Coco Chanel was sleeping with just five little drops of Chanel No. 5 perfume and (also) thus ran the renowned fashion designer far ahead of her time.

Naked sleep is not only sexy but also very healthy, makes for a beautiful skin and might even help to keep your weight under control.

Swear you with your lover T-shirt, nightgown or tough pajama suit? Quite good, but maybe you’re missing a lot. Numerous studies show that sleeping in your birth pack beneficial effects on our health – and beauty – has. Moreover, it is refreshing and sexy. Let’s see why sleep as you came to the world’s scientists would be healthy for us.

Maximum freedom of movement for an undisturbed night’s sleep

The first reason why sleep without anything on the body is healthy, it is very simple. It rids your body of the dress in which the daytime hours ‘trapped’. In addition, the night you maximum freedom of movement and promotes peaceful sleep.

Your skin can breathe freely

Another reason why sleep naked so good for you is that your skin can finally breathe freely. Large areas of skin are covered during the day, some parts are almost never exposed to fresh air. So make use of the night to consider throwing out everything about you. Is it too cold to sleep without blankets (and that is in our country unfortunately often the case) go at least for non-synthetic (and not excessively) linens. Your body has everything to gain from a cool sleeping environment.

An active love life between the sheets

Sleeping in your birth pack can also have a positive impact on your love life, especially if your partner gets so far as to renounce his pajamas. In the evening, you play more against each other for warmth (and affection) to search together. This means more intimacy and leads more quickly to cuddle and have sex with all the positive consequences. Thus making love promotes sleep. Moreover, during hugging and sex so-called “cuddle hormone free. This hormone increases the feeling of happiness. And that of course everyone!

Reduced risk of vaginal infections

More and more gynecologists bring attention how important sleep without panties is for the welfare of our private area. Vaginal infections thrive in moist and steamy environment. The hours you spend are an ideal opportunity to also underneath to circulate fresh air into bed.

Longer young

It sounds fantastic you stuck in the ears when we tell you that sleep without pajamas or T-shirt has an anti-aging effect, but it is clear from various scientific studies. If your body during sleep is too hot, the fact would be less growth hormone, an anti-aging hormone, “Create. Furthermore, it remains your cortical levels (cortical is a stress hormone), according to the investigations, too high at night to warm surroundings. Naked sleep helps your body to achieve the desired night temperature. Your body will result in the “healing phase and can work to renew cells and keep your skin beautiful properly do.

Weight better control

Also, for weight control would be of interest to the scientists that your body at night given the chance to achieve the desired body temperature so that the various hormones can do their work. Inter Asia, the cortical level is important for weight control. This remains at too high at night, your body remains in the ‘active mode’ and makes more fat than burn fat.


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