Quick Tip: How are Old Earrings To small Eye-catchers


Since 7 years ago had a tunnel, my ear holes are never quite gone together. As bad as it is now may sound, it is not, but since then I wear preferably Studs. Because with hanging earrings that are a bit heavier, it does not look quite as nice. Mostly I buy those parcels in which several different Studs are equal in it, for example, from H & M. Although the are low, but the quality is accordingly not the best. Often, the paint is peeling off after some time and especially if you have forgotten times before showering, they see sometime from simple ugly. For the price you can even buy often times new, but it need not be. Because today I have a really simple DIY for you and show you how old earrings are too small eye-catchers.

0013For this you need just plain stud earrings and nail polish. Actually really is any nail polish it, but I’ve found that you can achieve a truly beautiful result especially with sparkling or dull painted surfaces.

Clean earrings before well with hot water and possibly some soap. Now the Studs with several layers of nail polish Brush evenly. Each layer should be short to dry for a few minutes. It is very important that the Studs nowhere come off otherwise are very unsightly flaws. After about 4 layers they need to be completely painted, but this can vary depending on nail polish. The Studs now allow to dry for a few hours and already the old earrings have again become small eye-catchers.

I like this small DIY just totally good, as you can embellish the old earrings again with very simple means.

Also, you can so the Studs simply painted in your favorite color, because nail polish there is really in every imaginable color. And who has been color-matching earrings to your fingernails?

Because yes again soon Christmas is around the corner, which is also a good idea if you’re looking for on the fly even an individual gift. There are of me soon but also a contribution to Madison Coco where I in addition to the ear plugs, also introduce you more homemade christmas.


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