Our Gift Guide You, Your ‘Help Piet’ Buy the Gifts

Do you also buy gifts always such a disaster? It may help if you know the gift etiquette. These general niceties you might bring up an idea. Here we go:

Rule number one: small gifts keep the friendship in place, overly large gifts can be detrimental. The person who receives the gift, may feel obliged to the giver as great at the next opportunity (or even larger) to give gifts, and maybe he or she cannot afford it.


The best gifts are personal gifts that are chosen with care.

Always on target: A book about a subject where the receiver is fond of, an item to their collection or a CD with the favorite music of the recipient.

But there are occasions where it is not so important that personal gift, such as a birthday of vague knowledge. Do you have for Sinterklaas office at auctions pulled the name of a colleague that you really do not know, a personal gift could even strange to come across. For these occasions, scented candles, picture frames, sellers of the moment or the so-called “coffee-table books (a book with pictures or a book about art) perfect.

Other clues that can prevent unpleasant blunders are:

1. Give the gifts you have received do not to others, unless the gift is perfectly tailored to the person to whom you want to ‘move up’ your gift. It’s very annoying if the recipient finds out you’ve taken the trouble for him or her not even to go to the store. Only if the recipient really happy with it, he or she will easily step over.

2. Do not give books to people that you know they do not even open a magazine at the hairdresser. The book will with nonchalance – be put on the shelf and quickly covered with a layer of dust – the other unread books.

3. Bath Articles and makeup you better just to close friends or your mother doing presently. An anti-wrinkle cream or soap (how expensive it was) could well be misunderstood.

4. Think before you turn to buying. So it would be horrible if your girlfriend just 20 kilos arrived, would give a delightful lingerie for wintering. A dinner for a friend who is just on the divorce could also be quite embarrassing.

5. Special attention deserves our friends the animals. Only give a pet gift if you really know that the animal is desired and knows that it can be properly taken care of. Otherwise, this gift can sometimes completely wrong unpacking, with consequences also for the “gift” itself.

6. If you’re invited to a Christmas dinner will then inquire whether the custom is that Christmas gifts are exchanged. Is that not the case, please opulent Christmas bouquet and a bottle of wine for the host itself.


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