One Feast This Winter

Winter collections of Monster Gamme Rouge, designed by the Italian Giambattista Valli, you just give the winter feeling you want in the cold months of the year. The catwalk surrounded by images of snow capped mountains and blue skies. On the catwalk models plowing in winter white outfit’s slipper High snow proof wedges through the snow. So it always winter should be!

Moncler gamme rouge




The look is great. Even white pantyhose are suddenly good. It’s a great look for sunny winter days. You can draw a lot of ideas.

For winter white items, go for white pantyhose, look for woolly volumes (but do not wear real fur!), Go for the snowball idea. Get some red at what lilac. Maybe you even dare to wear such a ‘harness’ (look good at the vintage shop on the corner). Put your hair in two tight braids for your head. For an extreme look (and a party which can have it) you could even go for two frosty eyebrows.


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