Now it is really time for a Philips Lumea!

When I saw last week during yoga class, the long black hairs on my neighbor’s wife’s legs, bubbled spontaneously a thought in me: “It’s really time for the Philips Lumea” Not that I myself am always so flawless, certainly not! winter (something better than my yoga neighbor) but nowadays it can do! The techniques are so advanced that we have no excuse to go through life with hairy legs and bikini lines messy.

Philips lumea
Usually put you on the list depilation shaving, waxing, depilatory creams’ off, but a much more contemporary way you remove hairs with Philips Lumea. Light IPL hair removal has become a real understanding with Philips Lumea. For those who do not know yet: depilation Philips Lumea is based on light pulses which act on the hair roots making the hair fall then naturally and new hair growth is slowed. The reactions of the women using Philips Lumea (and there are now a million!), Are thrilled.

The beauty of Philips Lama is that the hair stays away for weeks so that you appear on stage anytime, anywhere with a silky smooth skin. With little work you do all year round her free. And that is a huge plus, especially in this period of the year. I at least let the hair removal in the winter sometimes slippers, and that’s tricky! As it does to me sometimes that I’m going to yoga and (or swimming) with legs that can not be seen. And then there’s the phenomenon of hair-by-tights. But the biggest shame moment presents itself when you unprepared: a dream guy to life (read with hairs on your legs and under your armpits and on his mildly invasive bikini bush) is where you want to bring the night! I also want to show sometimes “fashionista behavior ‘during the Fashion Weeks and, like the other fashion victims, with bare feet braving the winter cold. At those moments his leg hairs or stubble naturally out of the question!

Philips Lumea is really a godsend. Within eight weeks, you get all 75% of the hairs therefore away from any body. For the bikini line, you use a special extension piece that you get him picobello (goodbye moments ashamed! And stubble). Also, your armpits are being smooth and without that familiar dark cast. Because of the light pulses is the hair in the resting phase and then falls out. This ensures that the hairs up to 8 weeks away, no stubble, and you with a smooth and silky body yoga and swimming, partying, sex and braving the winter cold without tights (if you plan to do :-)) .

It is sometimes asked whether depilation Philips Lumea hurts and that it is difficult to use the device. The answer is ‘no’ twice. A light pulse from the device feels like a kind of tickle and for those with a low pain threshold might like a little prick (compared resins here is really barbaric!). Furthermore, you also agreed pretty quickly finished. For example, your legs, you have a time about 15 minutes. illustrates how to do it right on the Philips website. All in all it is very easy and with time you naturally become more and more convenient.

What is important is that you read the instructions carefully and follow and that you check whether Philips Lumea is suitable for your skin / hair type. The pulses of light to focus on the melanin (the pigment) in the hairs. The more melanin in the hair and the greater the difference between the amount of melanin in your skin and in the hair, the better Philips Lumea works. Philips Lumea is ideal for light skin with dark hair, but of course working with other skin and hair types. You can check all of this on the packaging or on the Philips Lumea website.

The only thing you could fault Philips Lumea is the price (around 499 Euro *). It’s quite a sum to put on the table at once. But when you consider that with a one-time investment for good with other costs – salon treatments and the like – and settles long your hair, the price tag is very positive! Moreover, there is currently a temporary cashback action where you get 50 Euro return on the purchase price. This is for you even before the Feasts already want to work… Another solution is of course that your Philips Lumea put on your wish list for Christmas!


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