Minimalistic Wreath Wooden


Somehow I felt a bit weird, as I made my wreath on Monday. Although the summer temperatures have passed and it has become cold and wet, I did not feel that soon begins the holiday season. But Sunday is in a week already the first Advent and we must light the first candle on our Advent wreath.

Those who follow my blog for some time know that I do not like so much this classic Christmas wreaths. Last year I’ve already shown you why a slightly different Christmas wreath from empty bottles. And the year before there was a lot of silver and glitter.


This year, wood is on the agenda, but nevertheless the wreath should be simple and bright. In the end it has then become a minimalist wooden wreath.

This year I wanted to put my candle on a wooden disk in Scene. So are my friend and I went on Saturday with wind and rain in the forest, so I can get a slice of wood. I must say that it really is quite handy to have a friend who shall possess a wooded area and can handle a chainsaw. In return, I’ll help then also like to make the firewood and drag the thick logs through the area.

After the wooden disc has dried on the heating something, I simply placed the candles from Ikea, I have also used two years ago for my Advent. To make the whole not to act simply, I have the wooden disk around the candles still decorated with a few small baubles in silver.

I like this simple wreath really love, because it is very discreet and super fit my device.


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