Minimalist Christmas Wreath Made of Wood

Christmas wreath

Somehow I felt a bit weird, as I made my Christmas wreath on Monday. Although the summer temperatures have passed and it has become cold and wet, I did not feel that soon begins the Christmas season. But Sunday is in a week already the first Advent and we must light the first candle on our Advent wreath.

Those who follow my blog for some time, knows that I do not like so much these classic Christmas wreaths. In the last year I’ve already shown you why a slightly different Christmas wreath from empty bottles. And the year before there was a lot of silver and glitter.

This year, wood is on the agenda, but nevertheless the wreath should be simple and bright. In the end it has then become a minimalist Christmas wreath made of wood.

Christmas wreath-2Christmas wreath on a wooden disc

This year I wanted to put my candle on a wooden disk in scene. So are my friend and I went on Saturday with wind and rain in the forest, so I can get a slice of wood. I must say that it really is quite handy to have a friend who shall possess a wooded area and can handle a chainsaw. In return, I’ll help then also like to make the firewood and drag the thick logs through the area.

After the wooden disc has dried on the heating something, I simply placed the candles from Ikea, which I also used two years ago for my Advent. So that the whole not to act simply, I have the wooden disc around the candles still decorated with a few small Christmas tree balls in silver.

I like this simple wreath really love, because he is very discreet and super fit my device.

Tealight holder made of wood

Also, I want to show you my tealight holder, also made of wood and are very simple. The email gave me my friend did last year, because it can not only cut down trees, but also milling. You notice already, the arms has properly working with my decorative craze. At that time I wanted to use them because I find the contrast of wood to my white furnishings very nice. Ultimately, it became four piece and they may be even prima arrange a Christmas wreath on a beautiful plate or tray. That’s why they have last year already found her place next to my mini Christmas tree.


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