Kitchen Style – White or Colorful?

kitchen style

The largest work, most of the consideration and the most stress during our relocation has given us the kitchen. We have so long about how the kitchen should look like, what elements need pure, the color and shape discussed, visited thousands of shops and noticed several counseling sessions. At the end we knew nothing. Therefore, we took only a couple of days rest time in order to “accumulate” and to sort the whole impression. At the end of the kitchen is white / black. That they will have a glass rear wall and no tiles, was clear but again the question arose whether white, black or playful?

Glass Back Wall – The Right Decision

For me, a glass back wall is only an advantage. First, the wall looks so simple beautiful and noble in the glass radiates and is easy to clean. When tiles are planning nor the joints, which can be a pain. Here it is easy to wipe wet and dry. The entire kitchen gets through the glass rear wall a stylish look and if it is messy times to radiate it out anyway. A beautiful thing.

When choosing the glass rear wall, are a lot of possibilities. The colors and patterns. And the combination of colors and / or patterns. We chose white because our plate is black and something shiny / matt playful. There is one more game on the wall a bit too much, at least for the impression I wanted to achieve with my kitchen. Simple and elegant.

Glass rear walls there are many colors and these can also be combined (I had briefly considered a part in order to black). There is, and also that I find beautiful: glass back walls with patterns. This can for example be different shapes, or even flowers and all the images. Like here for example.

Thus only to decorate some of the kitchen, the sink or the stove for example. For me both did not go because I once windows and even a cooking island. Otherwise, I could imagine quite well just on these two points.

Glass Kitchen Back Wall

Sure, the walls of the kitchen can be beefed up in this way, I would then select a shade that matches color of the kitchen. For other living spaces there is the wallpaper as well, but that’s just not the issue.

What is still to be considered when purchasing kitchen? After purchasing the kitchen me a few points are particularly important to note that I can recommend to you.

– A good consultant. One of you will not only sell you something, but actually makes the effort to explain something to you to respond to your desires and you may also discourage some. Usually you are in the kitchen Planning Once the size of the kitchen and gets first time about an idea how to be the kitchen. Even then show creative and wise counselor.

– Quality. Of course, entirely clear. I attach great importance to German brands and to a guarantee.

– Demands, ask, ask. No question is stupid. As you can see in the kitchen planning rarely the kitchen before, rarely “touch” all the elements can be because they are not on site, and because you can actually orient only one image on the PC itself, asking for everything you can think of and then thinks and asks again. If everything goes point by point … the only way I have prevented it instead as desired induction to obtain an electric stove. The consultant did not understand me and I did not clearly printed me. You look pretty similar.

– Visualize! If you (like me) of a small kitchen in the large “feeding”, then you often do not know exactly what you want and what you need. Imagine, you would be in the kitchen. Where should the sink go? On what the cups and glasses should be? Where you reach down to the plate? Where is the oven?

– Once sleep over it. Definitely before final decision. And compare prices, is clear. Several quotation request.


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