Jeans: high or low waist?

High or low waist? The answer is not black and white. Some women find that jeans with a high waist infinitely sexy feel to wear, but also that they are simultaneously very inconvenient because the hard material presses against your rib cage. Other women find a low waist much more sensual and feel pretty in.

streetstyle jeans hp
It depends on your taste and figure out where you choose. Do you have an hourglass figure – wide hips and a narrow waist to the Kim Kardashian – then there is a high waist tight. This model emphasizes your waist. Low waist does well with a boyish figure. But it does not. These are only guidelines and it’s just what you like. And even taste is subject to change!

“As a rule, a high waistline as” dressier “and” upscale “than experience a low waist.”

For centuries trousers with high waist the ‘uniform’ of welgeklede and aristocratic men. In the 40s the same applied to women. The “bell bottoms” from the 60s and 70s, there were a rebellious reaction. The ’80s were an interlude again with high waists, while we were in the 90s and in 2000 indulged low jeans shamelessly panties, bilspleten and sometimes even showed a tuft of pubic hair.

At this time we hit just about everything together. High and low switch off and the labels they get stuck (chic, rebellious, sexy, vulgar), vary according to the combinations you make. A high waist with a crop top can be very sexy; a low waist with a pretty blouse is super stylish. It depends on how you wear it. Fashionistas play both styles. The choice is yours.

P.S. Our men, moreover, continue to prefer a low waist that she is sexy (er) and cool experience. It’s just that you know (and who you dress).


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