Delicious Food Made in Italy

Delicious food

We assist in this early 2016 to evolution in the world of food trends, the exotic becomes specialty and specialty mainstream; They began to circulate foods that come from distant traditions impelled, not by their being ethnic, but the gusts health benefits, the hot and spicy Harissa of North Africa is sold in “craft”, “organic”, in supermarkets as seasonings ranging to replace salt and sauces (less healthy). The array of Japanese rice vinegar dressing sauce “ponzu” and becomes a sauce for fish, meat and vegetables, replacing butter and mayonnaise.

Even the dishes are transformed “from within”: increase the offers to veggie burgers and hot dogs and fats you start to make a distinction: not all be eliminated, but a selection between “good” and “bad”.

And the made in Italy? In these new trends is likely to be a little crushed, the Mediterranean diet is the market new competitors, primarily Eastern diets, not only the many (and different) Chinese cuisines, not just sushi, but also Korean, Japanese street food . Just look at the success of Ramen Bar to depict the noodles served in broth of meat or fish, seaweed and miso and soy sauce.

Made in Italy alone is not enough. Because the choices no longer pass from only taste, or their exoticism, but by the desire to health, pasta yes but controlled, secured with chains, with attractive packaging and not discounted. Tomato certainly, but with certificate of origin and if it is not zero kilometer then the journey must be worth it.

The world of foodies become increasingly across the world, information flows faster and so the goods, often carried by ambassadors starry, sometimes (is the example of Ramen) come from below, almost a buzz of taste but by city or district is to develop patchy worldwide.

Let’s look at what has been shown by Mintel food trends for 2016.

Among the trends and pioneering early days, we would say more due to lack of supply that lack of demand, are the “inside-out“: the collagen to probiotics everything absorbed through the food makes it more beautiful and younger. The Far East is the only area where this is more than a trend. For others: continued research Elixir of eternal youth.

Cook and share! For Asia and the United States is part of the game, for the rest of the world is still a discovery. Post photos of their prowess in the kitchen on social, share recipes and performance style of cooking is an activity that is taking place everywhere, circulating ingredients in the past confined to a state or even a region.

Diet for DNA, that for blood type, to one that rediscovers ancient ingredients, through the kitchen and paleo coming to rediscovery (as appropriate for your ilk) of ancient recipes of their own ethnic group or if you prefer of their own “tribe”.

In search of the fat that’s good. Time of distinction for the “fat” no longer around to be criminalized, they fall barriers and open new roads. A fantastic opportunity for olive oil made in Italy.

Get your teeth into. New forms and new packaging, the color codes that led to the choice of product types, are mixed with new shades, food is fun and pleasure beginning with the packaging. Trend that goes well to “cook and share”: everything is worth to be photographed will then shared and more popular the merrier!


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