Chocolate and Coconut Cubes

Chocolate and Coconut Cubes

Today I have a super simple and very delicious recipe for you, if you like coconut will love these dice … I promise!

Chocolate & coconut cubes are ideal for coffee, they are done quickly and with simple ingredients, that do not cost a lot of money and they are visually appealing. They are just like that. So you quickly, cheaply and simply doing so a good impression!

You can cut as desired the size specific, smaller or larger cubes.

Coffee and cake recipes easy

By the way, the cake is also something satisfying, so therefore suitable for afternoon coffee.

The recipe:

– 3 eggs
– 400g sugar
– 150ml sunflower oil
– 500ml milk
– 500g flour
– 1 baking soda
– 200g grated coconut
– 200g chocolate (Herb)
– 2 EL cocoa powder

Combine all ingredients except coconut, cocoa and chocolate, stir until smooth. Only the eggs and sugar, then successively milk, oil, flour and baking powder. Pour the mixture into a baking sheet pour, preferably a high margin because the cake rises. Use baking paper or coat the baking sheet with oil and flours something so that nothing sticks.

When the cake is done (with the fork in the center a precaution check), allow to cool and cut into cubes.

Giving chocolate in a small pot, about 150 -200 ml milk and continue two tablespoons cocoa powder. The cook until it into a beautiful, creamy but not too thick mass. With milk vote (starting with 150ml and then give more).

Preparing coconut in a plate

Only dunk cut cubes in chocolate glaze on each side once, then roll in coconut flakes.
Practically the cake might as well be eaten, let stand at room temperature for 2 hours, but does not hurt because it is a little harder then. The cake does not have in the refrigerator, but should be covered, otherwise it will dry.


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