Breathing Technique For More Happiness And Less Stress!

Breathing is translated in other countries as ‘Chi’, ‘Qi’, ‘Prana’, ‘Spirit’ and the Chinese symbol for breath stands for “consciousness of the heart.” All these translations represent energy, life force and in various cultures get to learn from an early age how important it is enough ‘Qi’ to get inside. As well breathe creates enough energy, vitality and inner strength to achieve your goals. It is actually a shame that we no longer recognize this in our culture while breathing has a huge impact on our health. Also our mental well-being is greatly influenced by the manner and frequency with which we breathe. I’ll tell you more about breathing and also share my experience with intensive Breathwork workshop.

ademhalingstechniek voor minder stress

Stress hormones and trauma

High levels of stress hormones causes hormonal problems, nutrient deficiency and many other ailments such as susceptibility to allergies and skin problems. Well breathing creates not just more energy, better concentration and less stress. Well breathing makes you better come in contact with your body, especially your emotional brain. This is the brain that continuously by our conscious or ‘cognitive’ brain is suppressed while our emotional brain is actually our guide in life. The emotional brain allows you to make better choices, choose fewer things that do not fit you and it really brings you closer to your ego.

Breathing and stress hormones

You can imagine that the above situations frequently arise in life. For instance, someone who used an older abandoned is often his or her entire life to the unconscious fear have to be abandoned by other loved ones. This allows that person can be a kind of wall to build around him, purely based on an unwarranted fear. Through the years have saved every individual certain emotional trauma and you have to ask yourself after a while or your actions depends on the person you really are or that your behavior is influenced by many small traumas that are hidden somewhere in the emotional brain . Only when you confront these old emotional blockages then you can break your negative patterns and habits.


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