Monthly Archive: June 2016

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How to Choose Handbag

Women begin to love the bag when they are very young. They are highly jealous mother’s exquisite handbag, besides they are longing for that one day they may have their own bags. Handbag is...

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Warm Greetings From Berlin

I am right now at the weekend in Berlin, where the temperature the last few days has been hovering around the 35 degrees. Game hot but still incredibly nice. It is only the second...

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Beauty Rituals at Night – Pure Luxury

The window is wide open. The fresh evening air flows in and makes them shiver slightly. She snuggles up even further in their Hoody and reaches for the cup of cappuccino beside him. A...

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Meatless Chili Yoghurt

Hi all! Today a nice, fresh and vegetarian recipe for you. I was, before I decided to become a vegetarian, loves chili con carne. Then I thought, why not do without meat, with a...

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I Love Muffins

Here I have taken one of the most old school, loved and popular cut cakes – dream cake – and turned it into dreams muffins. There’s just something about small cakes rather than one... 0

Summer good chocolate roll with berries

Easy Baked and fast fixed with summer fresh berries. Chocolate and strawberries yummy combination. Chocolate Swiss roll with berries 8-10 discs Time: about 25 minutes Bottom: 3 eggs 1/2 cup sugar 3/4 cup potato...

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Power to Stand Out with Catering

Nothing can ruin a party more than bland, plain food that does not excite. No, great entertainment will not make up for tasteless food, in fact, great entertainment would amount to nothing if guests...