10 Quick Tips To Reduce Your Waist Size

In the summer you automatically think of your physical form. Especially of concern is the size of your belly. A single T-shirt or tank top shows more than a few layers of winter clothing. Hide a tummy is not as easy as we were used to.

Conversely, a flat stomach is something to be proud of. It is an accessory that you enriched appearance and image. All the more reason to pay extra attention to that belly size.

Reduce waist size
For this reason, we have, besides the indispensable slimming tips and rules to lose weight you will find in this section, some extra tips for you that are focused on quickly and efficiently reducing your waist size.

With these ten practical advice would you in the foreseeable future the happy owner of a flat (er) belly (and the star of the beach!) Should be 🙂

1. Eat from now – no, from yesterday – no more fruit and vegetables species that you know you have bloating (and stomach!) Of it. To start with the well-known kidney beans. Avoid carbonated beverages. A belly without gas is already a much flatter stomach.

2. Are you allergic to dairy or gluten, avoid these foods than or ask for substitute products that are specially designed for those who suffer from this type of intolerance.

3. From 5 to 6 small meals / snacks a day instead of three large and maagvullende meals a day.

4. Eat slowly because if you eat more quickly than bite you are inside. And we want to precisely prevent a bloated belly…

5. There are natural products that reduce bloating (abdominal). Tell it to the pharmacy.

6. There are also foods such as peppermint tea, yogurt, and pineapple which have the property to prevent bloating. Why you do not try?

7. Eat in the last two hours before you go to bed not. While you sleep your metabolism works more slowly. Do you eat right before you go to bed, you might just “be dormant fat.

8. Aim for a regular bowel movement. Congestion is by definition an enemy of a flat stomach. Drink plenty of water, go for fiber-rich vegetables and integrate your diet if necessary by special fiber products (drugstore or pharmacy).

9. Move! Have you ever “twisted”? The twist is an exercise that is easy to perform. Grab a broomstick (stick), put it on your shoulders and place your arms about it. Then sit on the edge of your bed. Keep your eyes fixed on a point in front of you focused and twist your torso now with controlled movement from left to right. Do this for at least 5 minutes. It is the best exercise for the abdominal muscles that make your stomach ‘holding together’ tighter. The exercise is not strenuous and the first results are already seen after a few days.

10. Finally, do NOT use laxatives or diuretics to get a flatter stomach. NO also follow extreme diets to show a flat stomach. That’s all for nothing necessary and in addition you can harm your health by (we can not repeat it enough). There are other ways to get a flat stomach. And they work.


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